Bariatric Surgery Cost in Las Vegas

Bariatric Surgery in Las Vegas

Bariatric surgery, a life-changing procedure for individuals struggling with obesity, has gained popularity in recent years. As an effective solution to weight management, potential candidates need to understand the cost implications of this surgical intervention.

In this article, we will explore the average cost of bariatric surgery in the USA, what this cost typically includes, and the specific considerations regarding the cost of bariatric surgery in Las Vegas.

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Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Las Vegas

Bariatric SurgeonGastric SleeveGastric BypassGastric BalloonGastric Banding Removal
Dr. Shawn Tsuda, M.D.$9,750

Not Mentioned

Not AvailableNot Mentioned
Dr. Bernie Hanna$9,995Not MentionedNot Available$15,500 (Self-Pay) and $17,000 (Financing)
Dr. Tom Umbach$9,800Not MentionedNot AvailableNot Mentioned
Jon Williams, M.D.Not Mentioned

Not Mentioned

Not AvailableNot Available

Average Cost of Bariatric Surgery in the USA

Bariatric surgery costs can vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of procedure, the surgeon’s expertise, the geographical location of the surgery center, and whether the surgery is performed in a hospital or an outpatient facility.

The average cost of bariatric surgery in the United States ranges from $15,000 to $30,000.

It’s crucial to note that this estimate is a generalization, and actual costs may differ based on individual circumstances. Factors such as the patient’s overall health, any additional medical tests required, and post-operative care can influence the final bill.

What Does the Cost Usually Include?

The cost of bariatric surgery typically encompasses various components. These may include:

     Surgeon’s Fees: This is the charge for the surgeon’s expertise and the actual performance of the surgery.

     Hospital or Facility Fees: If the surgery is conducted in a hospital, the fees cover the use of the facilities, operating room, and recovery room.

     Anesthesia Fees: These fees are associated with the administration of anesthesia during the surgery.

     Pre-operative Testing: Before the surgery, patients may undergo various tests to ensure they are in good health for the procedure. The cost of these tests is usually included in the overall package.

     Post-operative Care: The initial follow-up visits, medications, and consultations during recovery are often part of the overall cost.

Do Las Vegas Bariatric Surgeons Include Insurance?

While insurance coverage for bariatric surgery has become more common, the extent of coverage can vary widely. Many bariatric surgeons work with insurance providers in Las Vegas to facilitate patient coverage.

However, it is crucial for individuals considering bariatric surgery to check their insurance policies and verify the extent of coverage.

Insurance coverage may be contingent on meeting specific criteria, such as a documented history of unsuccessful attempts at weight loss through non-surgical methods, a particular body mass index (BMI), or obesity-related health conditions.

Patients should work closely with their insurance providers and bariatric surgeons to navigate the approval process and understand the financial implications.

Bariatric Surgery FAQ

Bariatric surgery is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Candidates must undergo thorough evaluations to determine their eligibility. Factors such as overall health, commitment to lifestyle changes, and understanding the potential risks and benefits are crucial considerations.

The most common types of bariatric surgery include gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and adjustable gastric banding. Each procedure has its benefits and risks, and the choice is often based on individual health considerations.

The recovery period varies depending on the type of surgery. While many patients can return to light activities within a week, it may take several weeks to resume normal activities fully. Follow-up appointments with the surgeon and adherence to post-operative guidelines are essential for a successful recovery.

While bariatric surgery is an effective tool for weight loss, long-term success requires a commitment to lifestyle changes. Some individuals may regain weight without adhering to dietary guidelines and exercise recommendations. Regular follow-ups with healthcare providers and ongoing support can help prevent weight regain.

Like any surgical procedure, bariatric surgery carries some risks. Complications can include infection, blood clots, and leaks at the surgical site. Patients must be aware of potential risks and discuss them thoroughly with their bariatric surgeon. Choosing an experienced and qualified surgeon and closely following post-operative instructions can minimize the risk of complications.


Understanding the cost of bariatric surgery is a crucial aspect of the decision-making process for individuals considering this life-changing procedure. In Las Vegas, as in other parts of the USA, the cost can vary, and patients should be aware of what is included in the overall package.

Exploring insurance options and asking comprehensive questions during consultations with bariatric surgeons will help individuals make informed decisions about their weight loss journey. Bariatric surgery is a financial investment and a commitment to a healthier and more fulfilling life.