Bariatric Surgery Cost in Albuquerque

Bariatric Surgery in Albuquerque

Bariatric surgery is known for being an effective weight loss procedure. Not only does it help in weight loss, but it is also essential in reducing and alleviating several health issues related to obesity.

The bariatric surgeries in Albuquerque include gastric sleeves, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, single anastomosis duodenal switch (SADI), and lap band surgeries.

However, bariatric surgery can be very costly. If you live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and are considering the cost of Bariatric surgery, here’s a breakdown to help you.

Find the cost of bariatric surgery in New Mexico here. 

Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Albuquerque

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Average Cost of Bariatric Surgery in the USA

Bariatric surgery could cost from $15,500 to $30,000 without insurance. However, this price depends on various factors, including the hospital and your location. Also, the type of procedure could affect the cost.

What Does the Cost Usually Include?

Your bariatric surgery costs depend on various factors, such as your type. Also, there are the surgeon fees. This fess usually varies depending on your location, the surgeon’s expertise, and the procedure’s complexity. Additionally, your chosen hospital also affects the costs. 

Do Albuquerque Bariatric Surgeons Include Insurance?

Most insurance companies offer some type of coverage for weight loss. Your policy determines what’s added and what’s not added. Therefore, you must check to see if your policy covers the surgery. What you should do is place a call to your insurance company.

Bariatric Surgery FAQs

Before undergoing bariatric surgery, some programs in Albuquerque may require patients to participate in a pre-specified weight loss plan. The specifics of these requirements can vary, with some programs mandating active participation in a 6-12 month supervised dietary program. In contrast, others may recommend a short preoperative period (not more than three weeks) of a low-calorie diet (LCD). 

A weight loss surgery is successful when more than half of the excess weight has been removed, and this loss can be sustained for about five years.


Bariatric surgery changes the intestine and stomach and induces weight loss. Various studies have shown that operation has reduced patients’ risk of premature death by 30% – 50%. But, the procedure can be expensive. Understanding the tips above can help you make an informed decision.