Bariatric Surgery Cost in Tijuana

Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana

Bariatric surgery is increasingly popular for obesity, but high costs in the U.S. drive many to consider Tijuana, Mexico, for affordable options. This article explores the U.S. average cost, inclusions, insurance considerations with Tijuana bariatric surgeons, and common FAQs about bariatric surgery.

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Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana

Bariatric SurgeonGastric SleeveGastric BypassGastric BalloonGastric Banding Removal
Mexico Bariatric Center


Not Mentioned
Not AvailableNot Mentioned
Dr. Pablo Fok Russel$4,600
$5,200 (with credit card)


Not Available$5,600
Dr. Hector Perez$4,600


Not AvailableNot Mentioned
Dr. Gutierrez$4,395


Not AvailableNot Available
Dr. Jalili Illan Fraijo$4,900


Not AvailableNot Available

Average Cost of Bariatric Surgery in the USA

Bariatric surgery in the United States comes with a substantial price tag, often making it unaffordable for many without insurance coverage.

On average, the cost of bariatric surgery in the USA can range from $15,000 to $25,000 or even more, depending on the type of procedure, the surgeon’s experience, and the geographical location of the medical facility.

These costs include pre-operative assessments, the surgical procedure, post-operative care, and follow-up consultations.

What Does the Cost Usually Include?

The cost of bariatric surgery in Tijuana usually includes the surgical procedure, medical fees, hospital fees, pre-operative tests, post-operative care, and sometimes accommodations.

For example, the cost of a gastric sleeve procedure in Tijuana, Mexico, typically ranges from $4,400 to $6,000 and may include additional services such as top-rated hotel accommodations, follow-up care, and financing plans.

The exact cost and what’s included can vary depending on the clinic or hospital. It’s essential to consult with the healthcare provider to understand the full scope of services the cost covers.

Do Tijuana Bariatric Surgeons Include Insurance?

Some bariatric surgery providers in Tijuana include medical tourism insurance in their surgery packages. Some bariatric centers in Mexico include medical tourism insurance with surgical procedures to alleviate the concerns of traveling patients.

Some bariatric centers will not offer it, but will cover any unexpected medical costs with surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. 

It’s important to note that the approval for medical tourism insurance is treated on an individual basis, and patients should inquire with the specific provider for more information about the coverage

Bariatric Surgery FAQs

While cost is a significant factor, the quality of care is paramount. Many Tijuana bariatric surgeons are highly trained and experienced, with certifications from reputable organizations. Researching and choosing a well-established medical facility with positive patient reviews can ensure a high standard of care.

Tijuana is a popular destination for medical tourism, and many healthcare professionals are fluent in English. Communication may be a minor issue, but patients should confirm the language capabilities of the medical staff beforehand.

Post-operative care is crucial for a successful recovery. Reputable Tijuana bariatric surgery clinics provide comprehensive post-operative care, including follow-up appointments, dietary guidance, and ongoing support.

To ensure a safe bariatric surgery experience in Tijuana, patients should thoroughly research their chosen medical facility, inquire about the surgeons’ qualifications, and check for accreditation from recognized organizations. Seeking recommendations from other patients undergoing similar procedures can also provide valuable insights.


The cost of bariatric surgery in Tijuana offers a more affordable alternative for individuals seeking effective weight loss solutions. While the decision to undergo surgery abroad involves careful consideration, many find that combining cost savings and quality care makes Tijuana a viable option.

Patients should conduct thorough research, communicate with healthcare professionals, and ensure they are well-informed about the entire process before making decisions that align with their health and financial goals.