Bariatric Surgery Cost in Florida

Bariatric Surgery in Florida

The journey towards a healthier you through bariatric surgery can be life-changing. You must be well-informed about the associated costs, especially if contemplating this procedure in Florida, the Sunshine State.

Let’s delve into your journey by exploring the average cost of bariatric surgery in the USA gaining an understanding of what this financial commitment typically includes. We’ll also investigate whether Florida’s bariatric surgeons provide insurance options tailored for you.

Additionally, we’ll address some commonly asked questions to guide you through the financial aspects of this transformative procedure.

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Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Florida

Bariatric SurgeonGastric SleeveGastric BypassGastric BalloonGastric Banding Removal
Dr. Sergey Terushkin$8,500$9,500Not AvailableNot Available
Dr. Shillingford$10,500Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Dr. Beltre$11,500Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Dr. Peterson$9,800Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, M.D.$16,348$18,348Not AvailableNot Available

Average Cost of Bariatric Surgery in the USA

As you consider undergoing bariatric surgery, knowing the average costs of this procedure in the United States is crucial. The average cost of bariatric surgery is an essential consideration. This expense typically falls within the range of $15,000 to $25,000.

The variability of the costs stems from factors like the specific type of surgery chosen, the surgeon’s level of expertise, and the geographical location of the medical facility. Florida, renowned for medical tourism, aligns with the national average, emphasizing the need for a nuanced comprehension of the breakdown of these costs.

Delving deeper into the specifics will reveal that costs may include pre-operative assessments, surgical procedures, post-operative care, and follow-up appointments.

This comprehensive understanding empowers you to make informed decisions as you embark on your bariatric surgery journey, ensuring a commitment to your health and preparedness for the associated financial considerations.

What Does the Cost Usually Include?

When evaluating the cost of bariatric surgery, it’s essential to understand what is typically included in the quoted price.

Typically, the overall cost constitutes a comprehensive package tailored for you, encompassing pre-operative assessments, the surgical procedure itself, post-operative care, and follow-up appointments.

Your pre-operative assessments will involve medical consultations, diagnostic tests, and evaluations to confirm your suitability for the surgery. The surgery cost covers the surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, and medical facility use.

After the surgery, your package should cover monitoring, medications, and necessary follow-up appointments. This personalized, holistic approach ensures that you, as an individual, receive the vital support and care needed throughout the entire process.

To safeguard against unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses, you must inquire specifically about the components included in the comprehensive package.

Do Florida Bariatric Surgeons Include Insurance?

When contemplating bariatric surgery in Florida, you may wonder if insurance can help alleviate some of the financial burden.

Many bariatric surgeons in Florida accept insurance, but verifying the details with the surgeon and your insurance provider is essential. Insurance coverage varies, and not all policies include bariatric surgery.

It’s advisable to contact your insurance company to understand the extent of your coverage, including pre-authorization requirements, copayments, and deductibles.

Some individuals may find that insurance coverage can significantly reduce out-of-pocket expenses, making bariatric surgery more financially accessible. Additionally, many bariatric surgery centers in Florida have dedicated staff members who can assist you in navigating the insurance process, helping you maximize your benefits and minimize financial stress.

Bariatric Surgery FAQs

The cost of bariatric surgery can vary depending on the type of procedure chosen. While gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy are among the more common options, they may come with different price tags. It’s essential to discuss the specifics of each procedure with your surgeon to understand the associated costs.

Many bariatric surgery centers in Florida offer financing options to make the procedure more accessible. Financing plans can help you manage the costs by breaking them into manageable monthly payments. Explore these options and choose a plan that aligns with your financial situation.

You can often use your HSA or FSA funds to cover eligible medical expenses, including bariatric surgery. Check with your plan administrator to confirm the eligibility and process for utilizing these accounts for your surgery.


For your journey to a healthier lifestyle in Florida, it’s vital to grasp the national average cost of bariatric surgery, understand its intricate components, and explore insurance options.

By personally addressing these aspects and seeking answers to common questions, you empower yourself to embark on this transformative journey with confidence and financial clarity.

Your commitment to your well-being and financial preparedness ensures a smoother path to achieving the healthier lifestyle you aspire to attain.