31 Questions to Ask a Bariatric Surgeon

If you’re thinking about having weight loss surgery, there are probably a thousand questions on your mind. But, when you’re in the surgeon’s office, your mind can suddenly go blank. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a list on hand. Gathering as much information as possible will help you be better prepared for the surgery and increase your chances of successful weight loss. Here are some examples of questions to ask your bariatric surgeon.

Questions About Candidacy and Type of Bariatric Surgery

The first step in having weight loss surgery is finding out more about the procedure itself. Here are some questions you can ask your surgeon. They will help you get a sense of whether you want to have bariatric surgery.

Questions About the Surgeon’s Experience

An important factor in the success of your weight loss surgery is the surgeon’s expertise. Studies show the more experienced the surgeon, the lower is the rate of complications after bariatric procedures. You can ask your surgeon the following questions to learn more about their experience.

Questions About the Surgery and Recovery

Oftentimes, the thing that causes the most anxiety in people having weight loss surgery is the procedure itself. It is a good idea to be mentally prepared and know what to expect. Here are some questions to ask your bariatric surgeon about the surgery.

Questions About Lifestyle Modifications After Bariatric Surgery

The surgery itself lasts only a few hours. But, the commitment to lifestyle changes is lifelong. The better prepared you are about your diet, exercise, and lifestyle after weight loss surgery, the more successful you will be in losing weight. Here are some questions to ask your bariatric surgeon about eating habits and lifestyle after surgery.

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