Bariatric Surgery Cost in Houston

Bariatric Surgery in Houston

As someone grappling with the challenges of obesity, the journey towards a healthier weight often involves exploring various options, with bariatric surgery standing out as a transformative solution. In Houston, where the prevalence of obesity is a growing concern, understanding the costs associated with different bariatric procedures becomes crucial for those seeking an effective and lasting weight loss solution.

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Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Houston

Bariatric Surgeon
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Bypass
Gastric Balloon
Gastric Banding Removal

$353/month self pay package

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$335/month self pay package 

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Average Cost of Bariatric Surgery in the USA

When considering gastric sleeve surgery, you’ll find that the average cost is around $14,900. It’s important to note that this price isn’t all-inclusive. You’ll encounter additional fees for vital aspects of your procedure that will be added to the base cost. So, envision this average as a starting point you’ll build upon.

As you explore the financial aspects, remember that prices are unique across the country. The cost depends on your region and the number of hospitals offering gastric sleeve surgery. Some areas might boast pricier services, while others may still need a hospital providing this specific type of surgery.

Understanding these nuances allows you to navigate the financial landscape associated with gastric sleeve surgery. By recognizing the various elements contributing to the cost, you can make informed decisions that align with your budget and preferences.

What Does the Cost Usually Include?

When evaluating the cost of bariatric surgery, it’s essential to understand what the price typically covers. The following components are often included in the overall expense:

     Pre-operative testing, blood work, and EKG if necessary.

     Pre-operative nutrition evaluation.

     Surgeon’s fee for the procedure.

     Anesthesiologist’s fee.

     Hospital fee, including one night in the hospital after surgery.

     Post-operative visit with the nutritionist within four weeks of surgery.

     Monthly support group meetings.

Do Houston Bariatric Surgeons Include Insurance?

Navigating the realm of insurance coverage for bariatric surgery can be complex. Including weight loss procedures in your insurance plan depends on specific coverage options, policy details, and your employer’s health plan. For those considering gastric sleeve surgery, Houston Weight Loss Surgery Center has a dedicated insurance specialist ready to assist and address financial inquiries.

The self-pay cost for gastric sleeve surgery in Houston ranges from $12,000 to $16,000, depending on the hospital choice and the duration of your stay. Houston Weight Loss Surgery Center offers sleeve gastrectomy at $12,900, which includes a one-night hospital stay.

Unlike other procedures, gastric sleeve patients typically do not require frequent follow-up visits for adjustments, and regular post-operative follow-up is offered at no additional cost.

Bariatric Surgery FAQs

  • Are There Any Side Effects?

    As you embark on the bariatric surgery journey, it’s essential to know that side effects can vary, and predicting them before surgery is challenging. Some individuals may experience issues such as diarrhea, constipation, excessive gas, nausea, and vomiting. Fortunately, many of these side effects can be minimized with dietary adjustments. While malnutrition is rare with current procedures, proper vitamin and mineral supplementation is crucial.

    Will You Regain Some of the Weight You Lost Following Bariatric Surgery?


    Weight regain after bariatric surgery is possible in some cases, and several factors may contribute to it. If you are in such a situation, contacting your surgeon’s office for a follow-up appointment with a nurse practitioner and a dietitian is encouraged. Together, you can discuss weight regain and work towards reversing it.\

    Can You Get Pregnant After Weight Loss Surgery?


    For those considering pregnancy post-bariatric surgery, it’s crucial to wait at least 12 to 18 months before conception. Reliable contraception is essential during this period. You can plan for pregnancy once your weight stabilizes and the recommended months have passed. However, close monitoring by an obstetrician and nutrition expert familiar with weight loss surgery is imperative for a healthy pregnancy journey.

    How Do You Get Your Protein When Eating Small Amounts?


    Considering the limited food intake, protein plays a vital role in healing and weight loss after surgery. Incorporating high-protein drinks low in fat and sugar into your diet is recommended to ensure an adequate protein intake. Additionally, adding protein powder to liquids or certain foods can be beneficial. As your food intake expands, continue relying on protein-rich foods to support your ongoing health and weight loss journey.


The decision to undergo bariatric surgery involves a comprehensive understanding of costs, techniques, and potential outcomes.

Whether navigating insurance coverage or considering self-pay options, Houston offers a range of choices, and Houston Weight Loss Surgery Center is equipped to guide you through the process.

Remember, the journey to a healthier weight is not just a financial investment but an investment in your overall well-being.